Clay Paky. In pursuit of perfect light since 1976
Clay Paky, part of the OSRAM group, is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems.

The wide range of Clay Paky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects.

They are known throughout the world as they have changed the way of putting on spectacular shows and continue to be first as regards the extraordinary performances, the imagination and variety of the effects, the precise focus, purity of the light beam and movement precision. Over the course of its history the Company has been awarded a total of 45 prestige international prizes, recognitions of the innovation and quality of its products and manufacturing processes.

The professional sectors using Clay Paky light effects are: Theatre, Television, Live Events, Discotheques and Clubs, Trade Fair Exhibitions, Theme Parks, Shops, Commercial Centres, Conference, Industrial Presentations, Car Showrooms and many other sectors in the show business and architectural lighting fields.

Headquarters in the industrial heart of Europe
Clay Paky's headquarters are located in central-northern Italy, in one of the nerve centres of the European industrial system, in the heart of a highly industrialized area, with access to all road and air links. All the company's business activities are concentrated in a recently built complex, with sophisticated industrial equipment. Here the products are designed, carefully manufactured, 100% tested and dispatched throughout the world. And here a team of technicians and salespeople work with passion to consolidate the present success and build an even more brilliant future.

The pride of an Italian-made product
During its history, packed with inventions and successful products, Clay Paky has always had to face the onslaught of copy makers throughout the world. However, it has always reacted by bringing out endless innovations and, especially, by pursuing excellent quality through the exclusive use of Italian manufacturing to safeguard company traditions. Quality is not just a word in Clay Paky, but has a physically tangible meaning. It is guaranteed by meticulous control over components, processes and every stage of production until the final product becomes reality.

Careful choice of materials, strict final quality control
Incoming materials are carefully monitored, selected and rejected if the strict technical specifications laid down by Clay Paky are not satisfied. Quality control on raw materials is often undervalued by other companies, but it is a true “added value” at Clay Paky. All products destined for the market are carefully inspected at Clay Paky. These tests are fundamental for the quality standard Clay Paky guarantees its customers, since performing strict tests on each single product is the only way to prove the final product works perfectly.

Quality certification
"Clay Paky has had its management system certified as regards quality, the environment, safety and energy. All the certificates have been issued by a prestigious international body. Their scope of application concerns the design, manufacture and sale of lights and lighting effects for the entertainment industry. Clay Paky‘s primary goal is uncompromising customer satisfaction, backed by constant commitment to a continuous improvement in all processes."

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 | ISO 50001