MA Lighting has just launched the grandMA3 viz-key!


grandMA3 viz-key is the easiest way ever to cross-connect between any scale of grandMA3 lighting control system and compatible 3rd party visualizers.


For many years users were asking for solutions to connect any type of grandMA3 lighting control system with existing visualization platforms, starting from a single onPC software up to a full-blown multi-user system.

MA Lighting just launched grandMA3 Software Release Version 1.4 with many enhancements!


This release rolls out many enhancements to continuously improve the basic workflow, as well as new features that enrich the overall lighting control experience. Additionally, it marks a fundamental step in the evolution of lighting control software and introduces the new concepts of Recipes and Magic (MA grid interpolation concept).

The grandMA3 software is the soul of the grandMA3 platform and is designed to accommodate the current and future needs of lighting control. MA Lighting continues to deliver a lighting control tool for new and existing users of all genres, to create new and exciting shows of any scale.

The multi-tool of signal distribution: grandMA3 I/O Node and grandMA3 I/O Node DIN-Rail


MA Lighting has now introduced two new tools for signal distribution that will make daily life for every grandMA3 user so much easier.

The grandMA3 I/O Node is the multi-tool of signal distribution within a grandMA3 lighting control system. Wherever the signal is generated or needed – just place a grandMA3 I/O Node there and receive or send MIDI, Timecode or DC Remote signals.

Powerful performance: New products for grandMA3 onPC slutions


MA Lighting has introduced new products for its grandMA3 onPC range: the grandMA3 onPC fader wing and the grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail.

The grandMA3 onPC range offers powerful and easy to use solutions that are a cost-effective entry into the professional lighting world of MA Lighting.

It consists of two components – the free-of-cost, easy-to-install and -use grandMA3 onPC software for MAC and Windows, plus the powerful onPC hardware solutions.

grandMA3 onPC Command Wing XT is here now!


MA Lighting launches a new member of its grandMA3 onPC solutions range: the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT. It is the grandMA3 onPC console solution.


With the grandMA3 onPC software pre-installed on a built-in MA motherboard, the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT offers 4,096 parameter– just add one to four touchscreen monitors, and it´s ready to go!



We are pleased to announce that

HONG JUN LOGIC has become the Exclusive Distributor of Taiwan of MA Lighting International GmbH!

MA Lighting International GmbH is a leading innovator of lighting control for the global touring and event sector.

Please feel free to contact us! Information below:



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