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The fundamental syntax of the grandMA2 has been preserved and extended to facilitate the new functionality.

The grandMA3 software has an elegant new system-architecture incorporating new fixture, feature and effects-handling at its very heart. These ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries, are presented within a refined user interface, and are designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. Selecting fixtures, adjusting values, storing presets and playing back cues should all feel familiar, but improved in many details of the process.

Better overview, faster access and more accurate information will create an improved user experience in programming and busking a show.

Fixture information is now generic and allows simpler sharing of programmed data between fixtures. We also support the new GDTF (General Device Type Format) natively, allowing fixture manufactures to ensure their own fixtures are controlled as intended.

For more details of the current software version see the software category in the product section.

grandMA3 2Port Node DIN-Rail



grandMA3 2Port Node DIN-Rail是將乙太網轉換為DMX數據的功能最緊湊的解決方案。通過省時的DIN-Rail連接,該節點簡單易行,無需任何工具,可以在任何固定安裝中從任何grandMA3會話同步輸出2個DMX Universe,並且可以完全由PoE(乙太網供電)供電。

每個grandMA3 xPort Node都旨在滿足巡迴演出和固定安裝應用中不斷增長的需求,以構建可靠、穩定的同步數據傳輸主幹。所有節點都可以在會話中的任何控制台或onPC上進行遠程配置,以輕鬆操控DMX輸出或DMX輸入。

此外,所有grandMA3 xPort Node(DIN-Rail版本除外)都可以作為onPC版本提供,以提供獨立onPC的參數(有關更多詳細資訊,請參閱:grandMA3 onPC解決方案)。

每個grandMA3 xPort Node都能夠處理MA-Net3,MA-Net2,sACN和Art-Net數據,並且完全符合RDM。正面的3.9英寸彩色顯示屏可簡化配置並提供每個節點狀態的快速概覽。

所有grandMA3 xPort Node都配備了功能強大的處理器和1,000Mbit / s的乙太網連接,以確保最可靠,最穩定的乙太網到DMX的轉換,反之亦然。

grandMA3 xPort Node是高質量的解決方案,可以處理繁忙的乙太網連接,而無需放棄DMX或RDM消息。



grandMA2 Compatibility

The grandMA3 control consoles are compatible with shows created on grandMA2 consoles. Where features allow, existing shows can be exported from grandMA2 software 3.4 and later, for use in all grandMA3 console models.

All grandMA3 console models (except the grandMA3 onPC command wing) incorporate a fully featured Mode2, which runs native grandMA2 software.



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