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The fundamental syntax of the grandMA2 has been preserved and extended to facilitate the new functionality.

The grandMA3 software has an elegant new system-architecture incorporating new fixture, feature and effects-handling at its very heart. These ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries, are presented within a refined user interface, and are designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. Selecting fixtures, adjusting values, storing presets and playing back cues should all feel familiar, but improved in many details of the process.

Better overview, faster access and more accurate information will create an improved user experience in programming and busking a show.

Fixture information is now generic and allows simpler sharing of programmed data between fixtures. We also support the new GDTF (General Device Type Format) natively, allowing fixture manufactures to ensure their own fixtures are controlled as intended.

For more details of the current software version see the software category in the product section.

grandMA3 viz-key

More Information

grandMA3 viz-key is the unique solution for a stable and safe connectivity between third-party visualization tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key with the visualization computer and it will enable all necessary parameters for visualization.

By definition all involved third-party manufacturers are MA-Net3 members on the network and can visualize all granted parameters instantly. The grandMA3 viz-key enables also all non-granted parameters for visualization.

Each visualization station needs a dedicated grandMA3 viz-key and works for all third-party visualizers. One grandMA3 viz-key knows about all third-party visualizers - no need for a specific dongle per manufacturer – one solution fits it all. Additionally, the grandMA3 viz-key comes with 512 parameters onboard. This allows for simple fixture tests in the real world if no other parameters are available. Only in a grandMA3 onPC solutions environment, 512 parameters will be added to the existing parameter count. Even adding multiple grandMA3 viz-keys in one system will only add a total of 512 parameters, the maximum parameter count within the grandMA3 onPC solutions range remains 4 096. The 512 parameters can be output via DMX over Ethernet.

The grandMA3 viz-key runs independent of internet connectivity for up to 10 days before a validation update is needed. All third-party visualizers and further information about the grandMA3 viz-key can be found below.

Here you will find the most current information on which third-party visualizers and which software versions of those products will be compatible with the grandMA3 viz-key. Each visualizer software version is tested and verified before it will be activated to communicate with the grandMA3 viz-key and then released on the website. The grandMA3 viz-key, the easiest way ever to cross-connect between any scale of grandMA3 lighting control system and any compatible third-party visualizer.

How to connect?

  • Make sure all devices are in the same network and have matching IP addresses (e.g. 192.168.1.x)

  • Start the visualization tool and enable MA-Net connectivity (see manual of the tool)

  • Start grandMA3 software and go to Network to see the visualization tool under "NetworkNode"

  • Invite the visualization tool to your grandMA3 session (both show files must match)

  • If the software versions are not matching, update the visualization software via grandMA3 Menu/Settings/Software Update (see Online Help grandMA3)


grandMA3 viz-key partnership

Here you can find all manufacturers working together with grandMA3 viz-key. Please refer to their webpages for further information.

  • Capture Visualisation – Capture

  • Imaginary Labs – Carbon for Unreal

  • Syncronorm – Depence²

  • Vectorworks – Vision


grandMA2 Compatibility

The grandMA3 control consoles are compatible with shows created on grandMA2 consoles. Where features allow, existing shows can be exported from grandMA2 software 3.4 and later, for use in all grandMA3 console models.

All grandMA3 console models (except the grandMA3 onPC command wing) incorporate a fully featured Mode2, which runs native grandMA2 software.



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